Blue Monday 

Today is Blue Monday. A day so notorious for making us feel bad, they had to give it a name. 

To me it can feel like Phys Ed at school. When I wished someone would write me a note so I could discreetly sit this one out. I never could will myself to run towards the ball rather than away from it. All the expectation on that one catch or throw.

 You might be thinking BLUE MONDAY SCHMOO MONDAY as you breeze through your big list of *New Year New You* goals. On the other hand like so many, you might be feeling the pressure to be someone different, a new and improved 2.0 version of who you are now.

So much expectation built into one month that you can't even pick up the ball.

Despite what the New Year advertising tell us, there are no rules for what you should or shouldn't do in January. Find energy for the things that matter and let the things that don't, fall away. Adios amigo.

Today be gentle with yourself.  Any setbacks over the last few weeks don't mean your year won't be an incredible one. Just keep heading in the right direction no matter how small the step.

Not jumping out of bed early every morning doesn't mean your lazy. It means you need to find the thing that makes you want to rise.

Failing at an impossible diet and exercise plan doesn't mean you're not good enough and need to punish yourself. It means you need to find a way to nourish and move that feels good to you.

Lift yourself up instead of putting yourself down. Wrap up warm with your favourite things and take each day one step into the New year at a time.

Whether you come at life like a focused athlete, or someone used to watching from the sidelines, it only matters that you keep showing up.

You don't need a brand new you, just be good to the walking miracle you already are* (Atoms in your body are billions of years old..... Yup billions!)